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Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Woman having one of the types of spinal cord injuries

Back injuries are some of the most common ailments among the entire human population, and they can inflict devastating pain on patients and their families. Anyone at risk of chronic back pain should get in touch with their local spine surgeon in Beverly Hills to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. An important part of … Read more

Can a Herniated Disc Heal Itself?

Doctor showing on model how a herniated disc cannot heal on its own

Herniated discs are capable of causing serious pain and weakness. Due to the function of the spinal cord within your nervous system, these sensations often affect the upper or lower limbs depending on the placement of the damaged disc. Fortunately, these symptoms rarely last more than six months and surprisingly few individuals experience anything approaching … Read more

Are Spinal Tumors Hereditary?

Doctor explaining if spinal tumors are hereditary.

If you have been diagnosed with spinal tumors, it is because you have a small or large growth on your back. These tumors can pop up in a number of different places, from inside the bones of your spine to the spinal canal. But where do they come from? Are spinal tumors hereditary? Can they … Read more

Are Brain Aneurysms Hereditary?

Brain aneurysms may have hereditary elements.

Brain aneurysms are not usually hereditary. If you aren’t already familiar, a brain aneurysm is a bulge in a blood vessel in the brain as a result of weakened vessel walls. The majority of them never rupture or cause any significant health problems. But when they do rupture they are life-threatening. A sudden, extreme headache … Read more

Causes of Back Pain in Children

Doctor explaining causes of back pain in children to child.

Many adults know that the best fix for back pain is to visit a chiropractor or professional spine health specialist. There, the patient will be diagnosed with something like a slipped disc, a rupture, or protrusion. However, things are a little different when it comes to back pain and kids. This is because the causes … Read more

Can Kids Get Carpal Tunnel?

A kid who seems to have carpal tunnel and wrist pain.

Although you may find it surprising, it is possible for children to develop carpal tunnel. The primary reason we associate carpal tunnel with adults and particularly adult women is that those two categories are more likely to work in vocations where they perform repetitive movements with their hands and wrists. With that in mind, let’s … Read more

Can Working Out Cause a Pinched Nerve?

Woman who was working out which can cause a pinched nerve.

Working out is often a healthy activity to practice, but one wrong move can put you in a world of hurt. If you finish your workout sesh feeling a sharp or shooting pain in one part of your body, you might be dealing with a pinched nerve. This usually feels worse than the typical muscle … Read more

Prevent Spinal Discs from Worsening Before Surgery

3d concept image for spinal discs that are worsening.

Degenerative disc disease is a medical condition in which the discs that separate your vertebrae become too thin to provide the proper cushion for the different bones of your spine. Patients whose spinal discs have only begun to degenerate are unlikely to experience symptoms, but the condition does generally worsen over time resulting in increased … Read more

Back Safety in the Workplace

Illustration of back safety in the workplace.

Whether you are an employer or an employee, it is important to focus on reducing the risk of physical pain at work. Managing back safety in the workplace is essential to preventing chronic pain and other long-term problems. Your local spine surgeon Dr. Yashar wants you to get familiar with the common causes of back … Read more

Diet Tips for Spinal Health

Bunch of calcium foods which are great for spinal health.

The old adage “you are what you eat” may not be literal, but there’s a lot to be said for the importance of diet. And with diet tips for spinal health, you can boost your prospects. Every year dedicated scientists further our understanding of the intersection of diet and various aspects of our long-term health. … Read more