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The back is certainly one of the most complex parts of the body, and also one of the most vulnerable. The spine is the center of control for our movements and feelings. We use our backs while we walk, sit, run, lift, and even sleep. It’s no secret that bending your back in an uncomfortable position for hours on end can lead to so much damage. You especially want to know how to avoid back strain when traveling.

Dr. Yashar and his experts at Yashar Neurosurgery want you to be cautious of how traveling can place a burden on your back. The below guide has information about why traveling causes back pain and what measures you can take to ensure you enjoy your vacation without any pain. 

Lifting Guide

We use our backs almost exclusively when we lift objects off the ground. Heavy or light, it does not matter – there are certain techniques you can use while lifting luggage that won’t cause you lasting back damage. 

Take a note from Spine-Health’s recommendations and practice the following lifting tactics:

  • Make sure you put the majority of the weight in your legs when you lift, instead of relying on your back muscles too much. 
  • Squat and bend your knees before lifting any heavy items. 
  • Don’t pull your luggage towards you – move your body to meet the luggage.

Lifting luggage is not a racing game. Don’t speed through it, or else you will risk putting your back into unhealthy positions. You also want to be sure that you are giving yourself enough space to lift – be aware of how much space you have around you when trying to get something from an overhead bin!  

Work on Packing Lighter

If you struggle to lift heavy boxes and pieces of luggage, you can also work on some ways to reduce the amount of weight you pack on your trip. Suitcases that are big and bulky don’t do anybody any favors, especially since you can also be charged for overweight luggage. 

It’s not just about what you put in the suitcase, but what it is made of, too. Heavier materials like leather can actually put on a lot of weight, forcing you to strain your back more when you lift it. 

How to Completely Avoid Back Strain When Traveling

Even if you are traveling alone, you don’t need to stress about lifting all of those heavy bags yourself. There are many services available to help you travel with ease and not risk putting yourself in so much pain. 

For example, you can opt for mobility assistance at an airport or train station. A professional will help you handle luggage and travel to your gate. If you are flying, you can also consider purchasing a preboarding option. This will give you extra time (and space) to stow your luggage, find your seat, or pack up your mobility devices. 

If you are ever in need of help…don’t be afraid to ask! Hospitality experts, flight attendants, baggage checkers, and the like can help you carry bags if need be. And if you are traveling for a long time…ship your luggage to your final destination and avoid the hassle at all costs!

Consult with Your Doctor to Assess Your Spine Health

Back pain can rear its ugly head in many different ways, and it’s essential to recognize what to do – and what not to do – to protect yourself from the strain. You don’t want to hurt your back while traveling, because not only will that ruin your vacation, but it could cause chronic pain. If you are worried about the current state of your back, you can contact us online to get your concerns addressed. To schedule an appointment or consultation, give us a call at (424) 361-0923.