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Whether you are an employer or an employee, it is important to focus on reducing the risk of physical pain at work. Managing back safety in the workplace is essential to preventing chronic pain and other long-term problems. Your local spine surgeon Dr. Yashar wants you to get familiar with the common causes of back injuries that come from the workplace and what easy measures you can provide to promote continued back safety.

Back Safety in the Workplace

Depending on your work environment, you may be exposed to different risks that could cause prolonged back pain. Certain physical tasks, seating positions, and office activities can lead to problems with your back in the future. The biggest causes of back pain at work include:

  • Bending and stooping
  • Sitting and staring at a display screen
  • Carrying heavy loads with one or both hands
  • Being physically overworked
  • Using heavy equipment
  • Operating dangerous machinery
  • Standing behind a desk for long periods of time
  • Pulling, dragging, or pushing heavy loads
  • Sitting in a single position for long periods of time

It’s possible that you have already experienced an episode of back pain due to poor working conditions. Perhaps you drive long distances without a break, or you are using all of your physical strength to lift things until you are exhausted. There are much better ways to manage back pain and reduce the risk of chronic issues.

Reducing the Risk of Back Pain in the Workplace

You may love your job, but it could be hurting you more than you know. It’s important to work on preventing back pain in the workplace so you don’t have to invest in medical help and insurance claims. Once back problems start, it is hard to get them to stop completely.

Position Your Posture

Your sitting posture can say a lot about your risk of back pain. Whether you stand or sit for the majority of your job, you should work on keeping your spine straight so it does not collapse under too much pressure. Try to avoid slouching, and keep both feet on the ground whenever you sit. Make sure your computer screen is at eye level so you don’t have to crane your neck all day.

Slow Down on Repetitive Tasks

If your work involves going through repetitive behaviors all day, it might be a good idea to reduce your movement altogether. For the safety of your back and limbs, you should try slowing down with your repeated movements or ask for longer breaks. See if any lift-assist tools can help you reduce some of the activities you have to do with your own body.

Do Some Strength Training Exercises

Strengthening your core can help solidify your back against the threat of chronic pain. Take time to do some effective back stretches before a long day of work, and take breaks in between to uplift your strength. Certain abdominal exercises can strengthen your entire body, reinforcing your spine so it doesn’t weaken under pressure.

Practice Healthy Habits

Make sure that you eat healthy and satisfying meals before you engage in hard physical labor. Take breaks and drink plenty of water. Again, make sure to stretch throughout the day if you are feeling pain. Injury can happen rapidly or as a result of repetitive movements over a long period of time. Get in touch with your spine surgeon to learn more about effective treatment solutions for chronic back pain.

Treat Back Pain of All Types

Prolonged pain can lead to different spine issues such as a herniated disc or peripheral nerve damage. Get in touch with Dr. Yashar and learn about the best plan for your long-term care. Don’t hesitate to contact your local herniated disc specialist in Los Angeles for additional treatment solutions.