Can Working Out Cause a Pinched Nerve?
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Working out is often a healthy activity to practice, but one wrong move can put you in a world of hurt. If you finish your workout sesh feeling a sharp or shooting pain in one part of your body, you might be dealing with a pinched nerve. This usually feels worse than the typical muscle soreness you can experience after lifting weights.

Can Working Out Cause a Pinched Nerve?

Even when you stretch, can working out cause a pinched nerve? There is always a chance that you can hurt yourself when you don’t treat your body with enough care. Here’s what your spine surgeon in Beverly Hills wants you to know about exercise and the risk of pinched nerves.

Symptoms of a Pinched Nerve

If you are still unsure whether that intense pain is located in your muscles or nerves, you can take a look at this list of the most common pinched nerve symptoms to see if they match up. Those who get a pinched nerve after working out typically experience the following:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Slowed reflexes
  • Sharp pain that “shoots” through the body
  • Pain while trying to move
  • Numbness in certain parts of the body

The most prevalent symptom of a pinched nerve is pain. Muscle soreness goes away on its own after a day or so, but a pinched nerve can remain as a really intense pain until you see a specialist for treatment.

Common Exercises to Avoid

Any type of workout can put your body at risk. But there are certain exercises that are frequently linked to the development of a pinched nerve. An accident can end up putting too much pressure on the nerve, affecting its ability to function while causing you lots of pain.

The most common link is between weight lifting and pinched nerves. Overhead lifting, deadlifts, back squats, or general presses can put a lot of strain on tendons and nerves, making it more likely that you’ll end up hurting yourself.

Pinched Nerve Treatment Options

Depending on the location, severity, and source of the pinched nerve pain, it might go away on its own. The body will relieve the undue pressure being placed on the nerve, giving you a chance to relax again without pain. More serious cases of a pinched nerve may need to be treated by a chiropractor, massage therapist, or neurosurgeon.

If the pinched nerve pain doesn’t go away after some rest, or if it gets worse, it is important to visit your spine and nerve specialist ASAP. The longer you wait for treatment, the more severe the symptoms can get.

Can Pinched Nerves Be Prevented?

The body is full of complex systems, and just moving about in the physical world can put it at risk for pain or injury. Sometimes, a pinched nerve is just going to happen even if you are being careful with yourself. That being said, maintaining the best work-life balance is essential to going easy on your body. On the days when you do want to work out, make sure to do plenty of stretching beforehand. But also do it afterward to prevent parts of your body from stiffening up.

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