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Many adults know that the best fix for back pain is to visit a chiropractor or professional spine health specialist. There, the patient will be diagnosed with something like a slipped disc, a rupture, or protrusion. However, things are a little different when it comes to back pain and kids. This is because the causes of back pain in children are very different than the causes of pain in adults.

Causes of Back Pain in Children

In this article, Dr. Yashar will explain the potential causes of back pain in kids and how chronic pain can be prevented as the physical body grows older. Take a look at these methods and reach out to us for a personal consultation before the pain gets worse.

Common Injuries in Older Children

As children start to age, they become more engaged with the different ways of the world. Older children who are part of sports teams or other physical activity groups may be at a bigger risk of the following causes of long-term back pain:


These two conditions can arise out of constant physical activity during sports. Gymnasts and contact sports athletes may injure a joint between two vertebral bones, causing extensive pain for weeks.

Disc Injuries

Teens and older kids who are really committed to gymnastics are very likely to suffer from disc injuries or fractures in the vertebrae. Other “extreme” sporting events like skateboarding and rollerblading can also put someone at a bigger risk of severe pain.

When back pain like this does arise, it’s important to seek the proper treatment to prevent permanent pain. Keep reading to learn the best prevention and treatment methods available to chronic pain patients of all ages.


A common nerve injury that can happen in children or adults, sciatica affects the nerve of the same name that runs from the middle of the foot to the top of the buttocks. It can cause severe pain, preventing someone from being able to move or bend their legs.

Back Pain Prevention

You can protect your kids against the risk of chronic back pain – or even severe injury- by practicing certain prevention methods with them. For example, you can make sure to avoid early back pain in children by teaching them how to properly wear their backpacks. Make sure that certain gym-like activities don’t stretch or strain their muscles too much. And always help them take it easy when it comes to contact sports!

But it’s not just movement that needs to be monitored. Staying sedentary for too long – such as seated in front of the computer or TV – can also contribute to a lifetime of chronic back pain. This is especially true if your kids also have bad posture.

Best Treatments for Chronic Back Pain

Depending on the location of the pain, the cause of the back injury, and the severity of the pain, your local Beverly Hills doctor will prescribe a treatment method that will work best for overall treatment. Pain relief is one of the most important aspects of treatment, and that can be approached in a variety of different ways.

Some types of back pain – sciatica, for example – have symptoms that will go away with time. But persisting back pain can lead to chronic conditions that may require further treatment. Aside from at-home pain relief efforts, your doctor may find it necessary to perform spinal surgery in order to mend your injury.

Get the Best Treatment for Your Spine Today

It’s important to teach your kids how to protect their bodies from a young age. Whether through a sports game or a random accident, your child could risk back pain that will lead to a lifetime of discomfort. No matter your age, you can find the best back injury and sciatica treatment in LA when you reach out to the offices of Dr. Yashar. Schedule your one-on-one consultation with your local spine expert today!