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Everyone expects to have back issues as they age, but there are many daily activities that harm your back no matter how old you are. Aside from injury and trauma, certain physical actions can really affect the way your back feels. There are a lot of day-to-day behaviors that can lead to spine damage or a herniated disc. Here are the top daily activities that harm your back.

Daily Activities that Harm Your Back

These 5 daily activities can really do damage to your back. Take a look at some of the most harmful behaviors and find out how to protect your back against further harm today.

Sitting Too Much

It’s no secret that sitting in a chair for hours on end is not very healthy for your body. It is also quite terrible for your back. If you sit down for 6-8 hours at a time without taking breaks or getting exercise, you are putting too much stress on your spine. Ultimately, this will start to change the shape of your spine and cause back damage that might not be able to be reversed.

Sitting Poorly

If you are going to sit for a while, make sure you do so with good posture. Sitting with bad posture while reading, watching TV, or even texting on your phone can result in prolonged back damage and physical spine changes over time. You can prevent a lifetime of pain by working on correcting your posture ASAP.

Heavy Lifting

Lifting heavy objects is no joke. It takes a lot of time to train your muscles to become stronger over time until you can eventually lift heavier things without hurting yourself. But lifting, pulling, dragging, and bending substantial objects can cause a lot of damage to your spine and back. It is important to stretch before lifting something, and focus on proper lifting techniques before you hurt yourself.

Bad Sleeping Habits

The position of your body when you sleep, as well as what kind of mattress you use, can contribute to back pain over time. This might seem like a difficult habit to adjust since it happens while you’re asleep, but there are things you can do to relieve tension on your back. For example, you can sleep with a pillow under your knees to lift pressure off of your lower back.

Stretching the Wrong Way

Stretching and yoga can do wonders for your entire body, and can even relieve pain from your back. But if you stretch the wrong way, you can risk spine and muscle injury in your back. Make sure that you stretch with an expert or follow a guide before you attempt to do any of the stretching yourself.

Seeking Pain Relief for Your Back Injury

If a combination of these daily habits has caused you undue pain and strain on your spine, you might be dealing with some uncomfortable symptoms. Instead of living in misery, you can treat your back pain and seek instant relief by getting in touch with an expert ASAP.

Avoiding back pain could lead to more serious injuries and permanent damage that will result in chronic pain. In more severe cases, surgical intervention may be required to provide relief and comfort.

Visit Your Spine Expert ASAP

There are many daily habits that can influence the amount of strain we put on our backs. Eventually, these activities lead to chronic pain that can be more difficult to deal with as the pain gets worse. Unchecked symptoms of back pain could lead to a herniated disc or spinal damage that will need to be looked at by a specialist.

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