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The brain is the most complex and powerful organ in the body. Therefore, any diseases or conditions that may develop can have a significant impact on our brains. The brain is involved in every action, movement, and thought. It can become a huge problem if it stops functioning normally. Let’s look at the first signs of meningioma.

First Signs of Meningioma

Meningioma is a medical condition that can develop later in life. They are difficult to diagnose early. Meningioma can be referred to as a type or form of cancerous tumor that travels through the brain. It is first found in the meninges. These are the layers of tissue that cover both the brain and the spinal cord. It is essential to recognize the first signs of meningioma so you can get in touch with your spine surgeon in Beverly Hills right away.

About Meningioma

Meningioma is a type of brain tumor that grows in the membrane cells surrounding the brain. Meningioma is not a brain tumor or a cancerous tumor on its own, but it can become one. This is because they don’t grow from brain tissue. Meningeal tumors are formed from the membranes covering the brain and top of the spinal cord.

Meningioma is most commonly found at the top, or the outer, curve of the brain. They can also be found at the base, which indicates that tumors may be present on the spinal cord. Although it is not known how or why these tumors develop, certain genetic conditions can lead to them such as radiation poisoning or damaged chromosomes.

What Causes the Tumors to Grow?

Meningeal cancers expand inwardly and cause pressure on the brain, spinal cord, and brain. Meningioma is a slow-growing tumor that can only be diagnosed once they reach a certain size.

Meningeal tumors can be filled with fluid, cysts, or blood vessels. The inward growth can cause headaches, blurred vision, and spinal weakness. This condition can get worse over time, which is why it is so important to seek emergency care for meningioma right away.

What Causes a Meningioma?

A meningioma is a condition that causes the cells to multiply out of control. Doctors believe that something alters the cells of your meninges, leading to an increase in meningioma. Meningioma symptoms can also be subtle and misdiagnosed as other conditions, or simply regarded as normal signs of aging.

Many meningiomas are caused by a chromosome defect, according to researchers. This suggests that tumors could be genetically related. This chromosome functions to suppress tumor growth.

Are Meningioma Tumors Dangerous?

Meningiomas are usually benign. Malignant tumors are rare. The pressure that tumors place on the brain can lead to personality changes. If they are not treated, these tumors can become malignant. Sometimes, seizures can also be caused by large tumors. Meningeal tumors are almost always non-cancerous and cause no harm to the brain. A neurosurgical procedure can remove them – as long as they are caught early enough!

Treating Meningiomal Tumors

Yashar Neurosurgery’s specialists can treat meningeal cancers with just a brief exam and a simple procedure. Usually, these tumors are identified using a CT or MRI scan. Dr. Yashar will examine the scan results carefully to determine the extent and location of the meningioma.

Thankfully, surgery is not the only option. Our doctor will look into other options for conservation such as radiation therapy or simple observation. A consultation will help you decide if surgery is the best form of treatment to help you manage your meningioma.

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