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While back pain is a common and often unavoidable problem among aging adults, it is becoming a larger issue in teens as well. Those who are either incredibly active with team sports or incredibly sedentary are more likely to experience back pain at a younger age. Newer studies are starting to show that a growing number of adolescents are going through normalized back pain. So let’s look at helping your teen with back pain.

Helping Your Teen with Back Pain

Below, our spine surgeon in Los Angeles will provide some tips for helping your teen with back pain as they experience it. If your child is in a lot of pain and cannot easily move due to the constant pain in their back, they need to schedule a consultation with a spine specialist right away.

Biggest Causes of Upper and Lower Back Pain

Teens are reporting more pain all over their back due to a number of reasons. While physical activity is always encouraged, too much of it without warming up could lead to some serious pain and discomfort down the road. This led us to narrow down some of the most prominent causes of upper and lower back pain in teens, which include:

  • Dancing or running
  • Contact sports
  • Activities involving hands and knees
  • Infection
  • Physical trauma
  • Poor posture
  • Spinal curvature

It is easy to see how an overwhelming number of external factors can be worrisome. But the real key is in the treatment, not the diagnosis. If your young adult or teenage child is experiencing chronic discomfort, they may be eligible for one of many treatment options available at the office of Dr. Yashar.

Diagnosing Back Pain in Teens

It can sometimes be difficult to trace back pain back to its source, especially considering that there are so many different types of pain one can experience in that area. But even if doctors can’t pinpoint the exact cause of pain, they can recommend the best treatments depending on the situation. Surgery is typically prescribed as a last-case scenario, where other types of treatments will be tried first. It’s important to speak with your medical specialist about your child’s back needs, especially if they are so severe that your young one is experiencing constant pain.

Back Pain Treatment Options for Teens

If back pain persists for more than three weeks, they should see a doctor right away. Depending on the cause, location, and severity of your teen’s back pain, several different types of treatments may be recommended, such as:

  • Pain reliever medication
  • Topical ointments
  • Muscle relaxing injections or pills
  • Physical therapy
  • Neurosurgery or spinal surgery

Often, treating back pain requires a lifestyle commitment and some adaptation to healthier habits. Teens can help prevent their own back pain by going through proper training and conditioning before playing sports, practicing good posture, and engaging in core-strengthening exercises to keep the back strong.

Help Your Teen with Mindfulness and Alternative Treatments

Again, there are a few different things that can be tried before resorting to surgery. A lot of young folks experience a great reduction in back pain and discomfort after modifying their lifestyle. After allowing themselves to focus more on their body’s needs and limits, they can start taking steps to prioritize their own health.

If your teen is smoking, work with them to stop. Smoking as a habit is something that can offer a lifetime of destructive traits, contributing to the further deterioration of your child’s health. Turning to healthier solutions can immediately get rid of some of the pain your child may be experiencing.

Get a Personalized Treatment for Your Child Today

If your teen has been complaining of back pain, it’s time to bring them into our office. We offer advanced fracture, herniated disc, and sciatica treatment in Los Angeles. Get in touch with our office today to learn more about how our medical advancements can help your child live a pain-free life. It’s what people of all ages deserve!