How to Choose a Spine Surgeon
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If you live in constant pain due to a spine injury, it’s important that you seek accessible treatment options as soon as possible. But just as important as finding a good treatment is finding a good surgeon. You want the right spine surgery Los Angeles treatment from the best board-certified surgeon to feel lasting results. But how should you choose a spine surgeon?

How to Choose a Spine Surgeon

Don’t let your life waste away in chronic pain. There are real solutions that can help you get back into the normal swing of things. Below, you’ll find some expert-led tips on how to choose a spine surgeon who works for you.

Neurosurgery vs. Orthopedic Surgery

Some patients are confused when selecting a surgeon because they are unsure what kind of doctor is best suited for the job. Neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons are qualified for many of the same types of surgery, and you can rest easy in the hands of either. At Yashar Neurosurgery, we focus especially on spine surgeries that relieve pain or fix abnormalities in the spine.

Knowing Your Choices

Before you settle on a surgeon, remember that spine surgery is elective. You want to be sure that you are comfortable with the type of surgery you need, and that you have the knowledge about your surgery.

A good surgeon can provide information about what the surgery entails and how you can benefit from it. The responsibilities of a surgeon is not only to perform a successful surgery but to a resource of education, reassurance, and privacy. You want someone who is easy to communicate with and who has your best interests at heart. This is one of the most important parts of choosing a spine surgeon.

Experience and Certifications

You don’t want to settle on a surgeon until you know more about that surgeon’s experiences and certification. Naturally, you want someone who has plenty of years of experience in the field and who has performed many successful spine surgeries in the past.

This is also someone who will be able to provide certifications and specializations to show that they have been approved by officially-recognized surgery boards. For example, Dr. Yashar is recognized by several organizations such as the Keck School of Medicine, SuperDoctors, and the American Board of Neurological Surgery.

Questions to Ask to Choose a Spine Surgeon

How can you narrow down your spine surgeon options when you aren’t sure exactly what your own spinal problems are and how they can be treated? You might want to know exactly what the issue is and whether it is an anatomic or neurological complication. You also want to know the best treatment options and how surgery can treat the affected area.

Some good questions to start with might include:

  • What is the exact issue with my spine?
  • Is surgery the best and most recommended option in my situation?
  • Are there any good alternative treatment options to surgery?
  • What will happen if the spinal issue goes unaddressed?
  • What is the success rate of this particular surgery?
  • Do you have patient testimonials or a network of patients to talk to about their procedures?
  • What are the long-term risks and benefits of having this surgery?

The best spine surgeon will be able to answer your questions confidently and clearly, so you can make the most informed decision about your treatment needs.

Get the Best Spine Treatment Today

At Yashar Neurosurgery, you will find the best treatment and services from one of the best neurosurgeons Los Angeles has to offer. Whether you are dealing with a lesion, a tumor, a slipped disc, or another spinal issue, it is important to schedule a treatment right away.

Get in touch with our staff members to schedule a consultation and learn more about what treatment options are best for you and your spine. Don’t live in chronic pain; get to the bottom of your spine issues today!