How to Keep Spinal Discs Healthy
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The mobility and functionality of your spine are largely determined by your spinal discs. Without them, you would have a hard time sitting up straight or bending over at any angle. Your spinal discs act as a cushion between your vertebrae, adding necessary padding to keep pain far away. Knowing how to keep your spinal discs healthy is utterly essential to avoid problems.

The health of your spinal discs is important for the health of your entire back. Over time, they can face wear and tear, much like anything that sees frequent use. But there are certain things you can do to keep your spinal discs healthy.

Here are the best ways to keep your spinal discs healthy, from the office of your neurosurgeon Los Angeles.

Practice Good Posture

Having good posture is an important part of keeping your spine healthy. Many people take their posture for granted, and many patients do not understand the importance of practicing good posture throughout their entire lives.

Poor posture can lead to the breaking down of your spinal discs, giving you more back problems down the road. You can work on practicing good posture by establishing new daily habits that don’t put undue pressure on certain parts of your spine.

Get a New Mattress

Your sleeping positions can have a huge impact on your spinal discs. Since you are sleeping, you are not aware of how much stress your back could be going through while you lay in certain positions. If you wake up sore, stiff, or unable to move as well as you normally can, you might want to look into getting a new mattress.

Try a New Exercise Routine

Very Well Health suggests exercising to relieve back pain and strengthen the spinal discs. The stronger your discs are, the healthier they will be, and the more protective they will be over your spine.

But don’t go hard-core on exercise if you don’t know what you’re doing. You may want to work with a professional who can help you develop the right kind of exercise for your back. Heavy lifting, for example, should be avoided while you are trying to strengthen your spine. Exercise in a controlled space can sometimes be the best form of physical therapy.

Manage Your Weight

The human spine often feels stress under pressure. There are many outside factors that can put unnecessary amounts of stress on the spine, causing the health of your spinal discs to suffer. If you have recently gained a lot of weight, you may be experiencing new aches and pains in your spine.

You can easily reverse the threat of any kind of spinal damage by working on a weight management routine. By losing weight or staying at a healthy weight, you are giving your back the best opportunity to get strong on its own, with no extra stress pushing it down.

Stop Smoking

What does smoking have to do with the spine? More than you’d think!

It’s no secret that smoking can affect your health in several negative ways. The chemicals that make up a cigarette will dehydrate your body from the inside out, ridding your spine of its much-needed spinal fluids. Without these fluids, the spine is less protected and more likely to break under pressure.

Smoking is also bad for your natural blood flow, and you may be unknowingly preventing good circulation in your spine.

Get Immediate Relief for Your Herniated Disc!

When the health of your spinal discs starts to deteriorate, you run the risk of your discs herniating. A herniated disc is one that has slipped out of place, and it will cause pain and mobility issues.

Speak with a professional about herniated disc surgery Los Angeles and the wide range of options available to help you restore your spine back to good health. Our neurosurgery specialists are available to help you at any time. Don’t wait until your back pain gets worse!