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If you are experiencing pain throughout your body, and you are unable to identify the source or cause of the pain, you may be dealing with a pinched nerve. Nerves are found all throughout the body, from the brain to the toes, and pain can occur anywhere along the nervous system. This sometimes makes it difficult to find a diagnosis. However, by identifying pinched nerve symptoms, it is easier for your local neurosurgery experts in LA to come up with a viable treatment plan.

At Yashar Neurosurgery, we take symptoms of pain very seriously. Continue reading to learn about the most common symptoms of a pinched nerve, and get in touch with us if you are concerned about the pain you are experiencing.

What Causes a Pinched Nerve?

To understand the symptoms, you must first understand the cause. There are many ailments, events, or conditions that can cause a pinched nerve.

A pinched nerve happens when there is undue pressure or stress that pushes down on a nerve. This compresses the nerve and causes it to have the “pinched” feeling that can cause so many different symptoms of pain. This can happen because you fell asleep with your arms or leg bent at awkward angles, or you had to hold your body in a certain position for a long time. A pinched nerve could even be the result of a workout gone wrong.

A study by Cleveland Clinic shows that pinched nerves most commonly originate in the neck, back, and hands.

What are the Main Symptoms of a Pinched Nerve?

Dealing with a pinched nerve can bring some serious pain. Nerve compression works in mysterious ways, so you are likely experiencing additional symptoms as well. The most common symptoms of a pinched nerve include:

  • Pain that radiates outward from the neck or lower back
  • Burning sensation in certain parts of the body
  • Pain that feels like pins and needles poking the affected area
  • An abundance of fatigue and physical weakness
  • Tingling or numbness in a particular limb or around the affected area
  • Sciatica
  • Limited movement ability (cannot move without stiffness or pain)
  • Inability to sit or stand

Depending on the severity of your pain as well as the original location of the pinched nerve, there are several different treatments available to reduce symptoms and restore comfort and movement in your body.

Pinched Nerve Treatment Options

When it comes to nerve pain, each case is so unique that different patients require completely different treatment plans. In some cases, only time and patience can heal a pinched nerve. But depending on the cause and the nature of your pinched nerve, there are ways to find immediate relief.

The first treatment options Dr. Yashar would recommend is to rest as much as possible and avoid putting any pressure on the affected area. It is also a good idea not to involve yourself in any physical activity at this time. The nervous system and the spine are so complicated that only time can get rid of the problems.

If the pain persists or is too severe to enjoy daily life, you might need additional pinched nerve treatments. This can include surgery to remove scar tissue, excess disc material, or even pieces of bone from your spine that may be putting undue pressure on the nerves. If surgery is not a requirement, though, there are other non-surgical procedures that you can invest in at the office of Dr. Yashar to get rid of your pain and any other symptoms that may be hindering your life.

Get Surgery-Free Pain Relief Today!

Dr. Yashar uses a variety of advanced techniques to offer pain relief procedures without involving invasive surgery practices. Depending on the severity and location of your pinched nerve pain, however, surgery may still be necessary. Keep in mind that as one of the top neurosurgeons in the country. Dr. Yashar is dedicated to giving each patient the individual care and specific treatments they need. If you are worried about your pain symptoms, contact our neurosurgery experts today. You can also call our office at 424-361-0923 to schedule a one-on-one consultation.