10 Questions to Ask Your Spine Surgeon
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Spine surgery is a huge undertaking, and you are no doubt worrying about the details of the procedure. There are many different types of spine surgery that are available to you depending on your specific needs. In order to ensure a successful recovery, you need to have confidence and trust in your surgery and in the entire treatment procedure. Below, our spine surgeon in Los Angeles will highlight some of the biggest questions to ask your spine surgeon during your one-on-one consultation.

10 Questions to Ask Your Spine Surgeon

There are plenty of things you will want to know about the surgery itself. After consulting with your surgeon in a one-on-one meeting, you will know what kind of surgery is recommended for your condition. Here are some questions you might want to ask:

Why do you recommend this surgical procedure?

There’s a reason why your doctor decided that you need spine surgery. Make sure you understand your diagnosis and why this surgery is the solution for your treatment.

How long will the surgery take?

Most spine surgeries are intensive and may take several hours to complete. Depending on the severity of your spinal pain or discomfort, you may need more than one surgery to complete your treatment.

Are there any risks or complications to be aware of?

Every surgery has a risk of excessive bleeding and some complications. Still, your surgeon should make you aware of any specific risks that you might want to know, depending on your age and other preexisting health conditions.

Are there any non-surgical options?

Just because a surgeon recommended surgery does not mean you are forced to go through with it. You can discuss other treatment options that might help to relieve symptoms or improve the health of your spine over time.

Do you perform the entire surgery yourself?

Most surgeons are accompanied by a surgical team throughout the procedure. While the surgeon performs the major parts of the surgery, other surgeons or surgery students may assist in some of the smaller tasks.

Questions About the Surgeon

You shouldn’t put blind trust in a surgeon without knowing a little bit about their qualifications and expertise. Feel free to ask questions about why your surgeon should be the one you can have faith in to get the surgery done right.

Have you performed this surgery before?

It’s natural to be concerned about whether your surgeon has done this type of surgery before. You can ask the surgeon how many types they have performed the surgery they are recommending that you have in order to treat your spinal problems

Do you have any before and after photos?

It might also bring you comfort to see some pictures that the surgeon has performed before. If there are no photos available, see if you can get any testimonies from previous patients.

Are you board-certified?

Qualified surgeons have gone through the training and certification process to be trusted in. Make sure to ask your surgeon if they are board-certified before agreeing to any type of surgery.

Can you recommend a surgeon for a second opinion?

You should get several consultations with several surgeons. This way, you can feel comfortable making the choice that is right for you. You should try to seek out surgeons from different types of practices.

What will the recovery process look like?

Recovering from spine surgery can be a long process. You should be given detailed instructions by your surgeons about how to take care of yourself and what to expect during recovery.

Be Confident About Your Surgery Today

Spine surgery can be a major and complex process that offers pain relief and restoration of your motor functions. Learn more about the different types of spinal surgeries available, including spinal decompression in Los Angeles, Get in touch with our experts at the office of Dr. Yashar to schedule a one-on-one consultation and take care of your spine health today!