Spinal Cancer Risk Factors
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Spinal tumors can end up caused by many different factors. While some genetic conditions could contribute to the development and progression of spinal cancer, risk factors for spinal carcinoma are less well understood than for other types of cancer. More information is being gathered about spinal cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment as a result of studying the effects of genetic, environmental, and behavioral factors.

Spinal Cancer Risk Factors

Experts believe there may be risk factors associated with spine cancer. However, the risk factors are not conclusive. We want you to be aware of the risks and factors that you should be aware of if you are looking to make an appointment with your spine surgeon in Los Angeles soon. Plan for a future of good health by taking a look at the most common spinal cancer risk factors we know of.

What are the Different Types of Spinal Tumors?

According to where they are located relative to the spinal cord protective membranes, spinal cord tumors can be classified into one of a few different types. These tumors can grow from similar causes, but there are also individual risk factors that can help doctors diagnose your spinal cancer more specifically:

  • Intramedullary tumors are found in the spinal cord cells, such as gliomas and astrocytomas.
  • Extramedullary tumors can grow in the membrane around the spinal cord and the nerve roots that extend from the spinal cord. These types of tumors don’t grow in the spinal cord, but they can cause spinal cord compression or other problems. Extramedullary tumors can also affect the spinal cord, including neurofibromas, meningiomas, and schwannomas.

Tumors can originate from other parts of your body and spread (metastasize). Usually, they go to the vertebrae, supporting network around your spinal cord, or the spinal cord itself. This explains the difficulty to determine an individual cause. Since spinal cancer may have migrated from a different part of the body.

Biggest Risk Factors for Spinal Cancer

Unfortunately, there exist a lot of serious and severe symptoms that come from the development of spinal cancer. Spinal tumors and growths can cause pain, paralysis, and neurological problems, just to name a few maladies. A spinal tumor could prove fatal and result in permanent disability if not discovered and addressed soon enough.

This is why patients must understand the risks and causes of spinal cancer to the best of their ability. That way, they can get the exact help that they need. Your tumors may be caused by one of the below conditions:

  • Radiation Therapy or Industrial Chemicals: This can increase your chances of developing spinal cancer.
  • Hereditary conditions: Von Hippel Lindau disease, Neurofibromatosis are two inherited conditions that can be associated with spinal cord tumors.
  • Pre-existing cancer history in the family: Breast, lung, prostate, and multiple myeloma prove some of the most likely to spread to the spine.
  • A compromised immune system: Some people develop spinal cord lymphomas which permanently damage the immune system.

Cancer.org says that many other risk factors can cause a tumor. For example, aspartame products and cell phone use may be harmful, although research is still lacking in those areas. It is best to just proceed with caution.

Find Much-Needed Spine Tumor Care Today

Do you believe you may have developed a spinal tumor for one or more of the reasons listed here? You should reach out to your spine specialist right away. The process of spine tumors treatment in Los Angeles can prove possible. Especially when the tumors end up caught early on. Get in touch with Dr. Yashar and our Yashar Neurosurgery experts today to learn more about your personal risks for spine cancer and other spine-related health issues.