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Are Brain Aneurysms Hereditary?

Brain aneurysms may have hereditary elements.

Brain aneurysms are not usually hereditary. If you aren’t already familiar, a brain aneurysm is a bulge in a blood vessel in the brain as a result of weakened vessel walls. The majority of them never rupture or cause any significant health problems. But when they do rupture they are life-threatening. A sudden, extreme headache … Read more

Treatments Available for Brain Aneurysms

doctor showing patient artificial spine

There are two common options for brain aneurysm treatments. Both involve some amount of risk. Coil Embolization For this procedure, a catheter is placed in the groin and runs up to the brain aneurysm. After that, tiny, soft platinum coils are placed in the aneurysm. A blood clot will form around the coil in order … Read more