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What Is Sitting Disease?

Man sitting at a work desk with poor posture leading to sitting disease.

Modern society is built on a sedentary lifestyle. The average adult in the United States sits almost seven hours per day. The average teen spends even more time in a seated position. Unfortunately, scientific research demonstrates that this lifestyle is actively harmful to the human body. None of our major systems was designed to be … Read more

How Long Should Your Back Hurt After a Discectomy?

Patients often choose to undergo a discectomy to correct areas of their spine that consistently cause pain. However, the relief from the pain is not always immediate as one would like since there can be some pain experienced following the discectomy and throughout the healing process. For that reason, it is extremely important to be … Read more

How Your Spine Changes as You Age

As we grow, our bones, and most substantially, our spines grow and elongate along with us. But as we continue to age, it is also common that we lose that bone density and often shrink because of old age. There are several reasons why your spine changes throughout your life and there are ways to … Read more