Tips for Before Bone Spur Repair Surgery
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If you or someone you love is preparing for bone spur repair surgery, the procedure probably can’t come a moment too soon. These abnormal offshoots of bone are usually benign but can be excruciating and even debilitating. They’ve sidelined more than one athletic career and while the average person might not lose their career over a bone spur, their day-to-day life isn’t the same once one develops. And it won’t be until the bone spur is removed. Below we have some tips for before bone spur repair surgery.

Tips for Before Bone Spur Repair Surgery

Unfortunately, bone spur removal is not a quick or simple procedure, regardless of which style is performed. It is the last resort of bone spur therapy when other treatment options have failed and the procedure reflects this. In the least invasive version, a surgeon numbs the affected area with a local anesthetic before making a small incision. The surgeon then drills a small hole in the bone and inserts a tiny camera, allowing him to see the area around the bone spur so he can remove the growth.
Many patients see results with this procedure, while some need a more invasive surgery. In either case, the preparations remain the same.

Update Your Doctor on Your Medical History

It’s a good idea to update your doctor on your medical history before any procedure, especially a surgical procedure of this nature. A medical history includes any major conditions you have as well as any you have previously been diagnosed with and cured of. Some conditions can weaken your immune system, which can lead to complications, so it is vital to be fully honest with your doctor.

Your medical history also includes any medications or herbal supplements you’re currently taking, regardless of the form they’re in. Weight loss teas, nutrient shakes, and traditional pill supplements all fall into this category. Some medications and supplements can increase the chances of surgical or post-operative complications, which is why a complete history is so important.

Create and Share Your Advanced Care Plan

An advanced care plan outlines all of your medical choice preferences so your doctor can follow your wishes in the event you are unable to voice them. It’s a good idea to ensure your care provider has a copy of your plan prior to any major procedure, and you can be assured that Dr. Yashar, a well-respected spine surgeon in Los Angeles, will follow your plan to the letter.

Arrange for Assistance

Every patient will need a ride to and from their bone spur removal surgery, as the anesthetic makes it impossible for them to drive and dangerous for them to take public transportation alone.

Once home, many patients benefit from additional help. Depending on the bone spur’s location, recovery from the removal procedure can take anywhere from six weeks to three months or longer. The patient’s mobility may be limited during this time as many bone splint surgery sites are dressed with a short splint in addition to soft bandages. Neither the bandages nor the splint should not get wet and the surgical site should not be put under pressure until cleared by a surgeon or doctor. Either situation can derail the patient’s healing process. They are best avoided by planning ahead and having someone on-hand to help the patient as needed.

Bone spur removal may seem like a daunting procedure. A solid medical team can remove a lot of that stress, however. Dr. Yashar’s team offers high-quality bone spurs treatment in Los Angeles, so reach out today if you think bone spur removal therapy is right for you.