What is Microlumbar Discectomy Surgery?
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Investing in the most advanced and positively successful procedures is something we are passionate about at Yashar Neurosurgery. There are many reasons why surgery on the brain or spine may be required. Patients experiencing a lifetime of chronic back pain are often prone to such ailments as a herniated disc or leg pain because of the misalignments in the spine. One way our doctor can correct this common spinal issue is with microlumbar discectomy in Los Angeles.

Knowing exactly what this procedure means, and how it can help to heal the body and relieve pain is the key to understanding your pain symptoms further. Take a look at some of our helpful information below while you consider whether this surgery is required for you. Dr. Yashar and our professional staff members are available to speak or schedule a consultation at any time.

The Symptoms

There are several spine symptoms that would lead up to the decision to require this procedure. Most commonly, patients experience lumbar pain, often caused by a herniated disc. Subsequently, the patient will also feel pain in the leg. The reason for the leg pain is due to the herniated disc impressing upon a nerve in the leg, causing unstoppable pain.

The disc needs to be removed from the leg and pressure needs to be taken off of that nerve as soon as possible. That way, the nerve and leg can be allowed to heal, while the pressures and pains are lifted from your lumbar system as well.

The Procedure

Microlumbar discectomy in Los Angeles is not a difficult procedure, although the healing process can be quite long. During the surgery itself, Dr. Yashar will remove the part of your vertebrae that has become herniated. And, because the herniated disc has caused an impingement on the leg nerve, removing this disc will lift the pain immediately.

Finally, when this is removed, your leg will be allowed to heal. Although healing takes time, most patients feel immediate relief upon waking up from the surgery. Dr. Yashar will be able to speak with you about a customized treatment and healing plan, with many follow-ups scheduled to ensure that you are recovering swiftly and fully. This procedure has a huge success rate, and you are certain to feel immediate relief as well as a solution to ending your long-time chronic pain.

The Healing Process

Many patients can go home the same day of the procedure, although sometimes further monitoring is required. From then on, you’ll be working closely with a physical therapist to keep your recovery systems on the right track. You may also have several bandages with surgical tape attached. It’s important that you cover this area when showering or bathing.

It is predicted that your pain level will decrease significantly within 2-10 days. At that time, you should be able to resume driving again. However, it’s important that you allow yourself as much time as needed to fully recover and feel comfortable. Your body is finally experiencing relief from chronic pain, and it’s okay to take it easy.

Start Your Journey to Recovery with Dr. Yashar!

Yashar Neurosurgery is well known for implementing the most advanced and successful procedures for patients experiencing spine pain. If you have a herniated disc, don’t allow yourself to live in so much pain. The rest of the nerves in your body can be affected, hindering you from resuming your normal daytime activities that you enjoy.

Getting in touch with Dr. Yashar to schedule a microlumbar discectomy in Los Angeles is simple. You can contact our office online, or give us a call at (424) 361-0923 to set up a consultation as soon as possible. Our professionals are able to meet with you at any time. We look forward to getting in touch with you!