When is Back Pain Serious?
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Everyone gets back pain from time to time. You might cramp your muscle if you lift something too heavy. You might feel sore after standing all day. Or, you might have a serious spine injury that needs to be addressed ASAP. Back pain comes in many shapes and forms, so it’s more important to ever to ask, “When is back pain serious?”

When is Back Pain Serious?

Your spine surgeon in LA wants you to be able to identify the warning signs of serious back pain. While some pain goes away on its own, other types of pain may indicate that something more dangerous is at play. Assess the health of your back and look out for these signs and symptoms below.

When is it Spinal Stenosis?

The most common type of non-injury-related back pain is spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is a common source of spinal pain that is unrelated to physical trauma or injury. This is what occurs when the spinal cord puts too much pressure on the nerves without relief. As a common ailment, spinal stenosis has many treatments available to ease the pain.

Some symptoms of spinal stenosis may include:

Unexpected Weakness in the Limbs

If you suddenly feel like your legs are wobbly and weak, this may be a result of lingering back pain and physical trauma. While sudden leg weakness or pain may be a sign of a stroke, it could also be a symptom of spinal stenosis.

Symptoms that Worsen with Activity

Performing physical activity can cause your body to become more painful when you have spinal stenosis. If you hurt while going downhill and you find relief when bending over, you may have spinal stenosis.

Spinal stenosis is usually not too serious as there are treatments available. If symptoms persist, or if you have additional symptoms, you may be dealing with something much worse.

When Is It Serious Spinal Issues?

It is important to identify the differences between symptoms of spinal stenosis and something much worse. Prolonged back pain could lead to a variety of serious medical issues that should be addressed quickly. Some of the following symptoms may be a sign that you have an underlying issue at hand:

Sharp Back Pain

There are many types of aches, but they can usually be characterized as sharp or dull. Dull aches tend to disappear on their own, but sharp aches could be a sign of a more serious issue. Sharp back pain usually indicates a torn ligament or muscle, or even an issue with one of your internal organs. This pain could occur as a result of injury or trauma.

Prolonged Stiffness

If your back hurts worse when going uphill, or you wake up feeling stiff and can’t shake off the feeling, you may be dealing with inflammatory arthritis or something worse. If you are below the age of 40 and you are dealing with consistent back issues, it is certain that you are dealing with a larger spinal injury.

Sudden Weight Loss

Have you lost a lot of weight all of the sudden? Do you feel fatigued throughout the day? These are signs that you may have additional internal issues. Visit your spinal specialist right away for further assessment.

Get the Right Back Treatment at Yashar Neurosurgery

Back pain is never something that should be ignored. Even if you believe that your symptoms are mild, it is important to visit a spine specialist for a further look. You may be dealing with something as a result of trauma or injury without even knowing it. If problems persist, you may need to receive serious treatment such as herniated disc repair or cervical disc replacement surgery.

Get in touch with our friendly experts at the office of Dr. Yashar today and schedule an assessment ASAP. Your entire body will thank you for it!