Why is Our Spine So Important?
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We all know that our spine is a vital part of our body. But what exactly makes it so important? Besides just keeping us upright, there are a few main functions that our spines are responsible for that our bodies cannot live without. Without our spines, many daily activities would be near impossible.

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Bend and Twist

Without our spine functioning the way it does, there is no way that you can bend or twist your body. In a more realistic way, if your spine becomes injured, worn out or your posture is repeatedly bad, then your mobility is affected. Simple things like bending over, sitting up straight, walking, twisting your spine, moving your neck, exercising, etc. could become really difficult for you if your spine is not functioning the way it should.

Nervous System

In order for you to feel any type of sensation on your body, your nervous system runs electrical impulses up and down your spine to where those sensations are. Burn yourself on the stove? Accidentally pinch yourself? Water too hot when washing your hands? Those are the sensations that you feel because of the messages sent from your brain through your spine. When your spine becomes damaged, your neural responses can become disrupted, and certain sensations in parts of your body will be disabled. This can lead to injury as you might not be able to tell when something is harming you.


Your esophagus runs parallel to your spine, and it enables the esophagus to work properly. This means that any time you swallow food or drinks, your spine helps your esophagus to work efficiently. Without your spine, this process is almost impossible. Certain types of spinal injuries can obstruct or puncture it, interfering with its core functionality. Surgery is needed in most of these cases to fix the problem.

All Types of Movement

Your spine in involved in most types of movement in the human body. Constant abnormal movement, intense exercising and bad posture will lead to degenerative diseases or injuries. These conditions sometimes permanently damage your spine and usually require surgery.

Quality of Life

Your quality of life can greatly deteriorate if your spine does not work properly. Many activities that are essential to life and activities that you enjoy doing are made possible by your spine. In addition to your mobility being hindered, the stress on your spine can be painful.

Protecting your Spine

Spine problems can begin in individuals as early as the late twenties, so it is important to start protecting your spine early in life. One way to prevent injury or unnecessary stress on your spine is to strengthen it with certain exercises. Stretching regularly or practicing specific yoga poses are great ways to strengthen your spine.

Practicing good posture can help your spine as well. We’ve been told all of our lives to stand or sit up straight by our parents, and it turns out that they were on to something! Many of us do not sit or stand properly, which can put unnecessary stress on your spine. This leads to a stiff back and back pain from time to time. If bad posture is not corrected, then these problems might become permanent.

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