Can a Herniated Disc Go Away Without Surgery?
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Back pain is highly common among Americans. This can be caused by a variety of issues, including poor posture, excess weight, and even repetitive motions. One of the common back issues is a herniated disc. This is also referred to as a slipped, ruptured, or bulging disc. Millions of Americans are impacted by the condition every year. It affects your back and causes a number of unwanted symptoms, such as pain, weakness, and numbness. There are a number of treatment options. Many patients wonder, can a herniated disc go away without surgery? Below you will find helpful information about herniated discs and how to navigate the treatment process.

Can a Herniated Disc Go Away Without Surgery?

There are a number of treatment options for a herniated disc. The type of treatment depends on the severity of the condition and your symptoms. In a number of cases, a herniated disc can be treated without surgical intervention. Each patient is uniquely different when it comes to their level of pain and symptoms. A skilled spinal surgeon can create a treatment plan based on your unique needs.

Herniated Disc Symptoms

Some people mistake a herniated disc for general back pain. This can result in more severe symptoms, as a herniated disc should be promptly treated. Common symptoms of the condition include pain, tingling or numbness, and muscle weakness. If you experience any of the following symptoms, contact a spine specialist right away. Early intervention is key when it comes to healing your herniated disc.

Pain is the most common symptom, and it can impact your back, arms, or legs. Some patients also experience pain in their calves, thighs, and buttocks. The pain can be accompanied by tingling or numbness radiating from the impacted area of your back. People also experience muscle weakness near the impacted area. This can make it difficult to move and hold or lift things.

Common Conservative Treatment Options

If surgery isn’t necessary, conservative treatments are beneficial in addressing herniated discs. Below are some of the common treatment options for the condition.

  • Rest: Certain activities can exacerbate the condition. Avoiding these activities and resting your back is beneficial. It can allow your back to heal and avoid further damage.
  • Lifestyle Changes: Certain lifestyle changes can have a positive impact on your herniated disc. This includes improving your posture and avoiding heavy lifting. This can also include adding more healthy choices into your daily life. This includes moderate exercise (if your spinal surgeon agrees) and eating a healthy and balanced diet. Managing your weight is important if you have back issues.
  • Heat and Ice: Some patients benefit from heat and ice. You can use these treatment methods to reduce inflammation. They are also effective in providing relief from pain and discomfort.

Herniated Disc Surgery

Conservative treatments are great for a number of patients. In fact, the majority of patients benefit from them. However, sometimes surgery is necessary. Working with a skilled spine surgeon in Beverly Hills can give you peace of mind going into surgery. The first step in addressing your back pain caused by a herniated disc is to schedule a consultation. They can provide you with an accurate diagnosis. We follow this up with a customized treatment plan based on your unique needs.

The team at Yashar Neurosurgery are skilled in herniated disc surgery. They utilize the most advanced treatment methods to ensure optimal results. Kyphoplasty is a common surgical intervention used to treat a herniated disc. It’s less invasive and provides amazing results. If you experience any of the symptoms associated with a herniated disc, contact the team at Yashar Neurosurgery for a consultation!