Common Habits that Cause Back Problems
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The human body is a complex machine, and the spine is one of the central components that allows us to function normally. Unfortunately, modern life isn’t well attuned to taking care of our spines and supporting muscles. There are several bad habits that make back pain fairly common even among relatively young Americans. Luckily, there are also a few things you can do to combat these common habits that cause back problems and preserve your spinal health.

Common Habits that Cause Back Problems

Below we take a look at common habits that cause back problems. For more information, visit the best spine surgeon Los Angeles has, visit Dr. Yashar. He is a top spinal stenosis specialist Los Angeles has, and can help you improve your symptoms.

Sitting All Day

Millions of American adults work jobs where they are expected to remain in a seated position for 8 or more hours a day. This habit fails to engage the muscles in your abdomen, glutes, hips, and back, resulting in a gradual failure of the structures that support appropriate posture. Improper posture puts strain on your spine and can actually cause the discs to compress over time. This will eventually cause chronic pain and can even result in spinal stenosis.

Failing to Exercise

You may not realize it, but your abdominal muscles do a lot more than make your tummy look good in a swimsuit. They are a key part of the body’s structural support system. Fortunately, you don’t have to hit the gym every day to take care of your body. A little cardio a few times a week and a 20-minute body workout every other day is usually more than enough to give your muscles the strength they need to do their job as long as you’re in a healthy weight range.

Poor Posture

You don’t need to work a desk job to have poor posture. People who grew quickly, carry a lot of weight in certain areas of their body, or simply lack confidence often slouch or show other signs of poor posture. It isn’t easy, but correcting posture is typically achieved through a combination of coaching, self-discipline, and increasing the strength in the core muscles. Dance training is often a great way to consciously improve your posture.

Vitamin Deficiency

Your bones and your muscles need the appropriate fuel to thrive. Vitamin D and Calcium play a vital role in maintaining your bone health and preventing serious injury. As children, our diets are typically infused with these crucial vitamins via enriched milk. Still, as we transition away from drinking milk regularly, it is possible to form a deficiency. Therefore, it’s a really good idea to make sure both are regularly integrated into your diet. An easy way to do that is by making a fruit smoothie once a day. Use milk or almond milk to give your smoothie a delicious, creamy texture, and you’ll be giving your bones everything they need.

Poor Weight Management

As an adult, it is up to you to determine what body size and shape are reasonable for you. You may be perfectly comfortable with a higher BMI, but you also need to consider the potential for negative consequences. The truth is that carrying more weight does put more stress on your body. You can compensate by strengthening the supporting muscles in your legs, back, and abdomen. However, if you are experiencing chronic back pain as a result of strain, then you may need to manage your weight a little more carefully.

Improper Lifting Technique

We’ve all heard the phrase, “lift with your legs,” and taking that advice seriously can spare you some serious pain. Your body is designed to work as a whole when you lift something heavy, naturally distributing the work through your legs, back, and arms. If you just try to lift without bending your legs and put all of that stress on your back, then you’re likely to end up with a back injury. Pay attention to how you lift and where a lifting belt if you tend to lift a lot throughout the day.

Addressing Serious Back Pain

If you are experiencing chronic back pain, then it is probably time to see a specialist. There’s a possibility that it’s muscular. However, if it is that consistent, then the damage may be to the spine itself. Given that the spine is an integral part of your skeletal and neurological systems, you don’t want to take a chance in letting your pain go undiagnosed. Reach out to your local neurosurgeon at Yashar Neurosurgery and get some peace of mind.