Living with Chronic Back Pain: You Don’t Have To!
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There is nothing worse than living with chronic pain that never seems to go away, no matter what treatments are being used. While back pain is unfortunately common, that does not mean you have to live with this constant source of pain. It is possible for your back to improve and for the pain to go away once and for all.

Living with Chronic Back Pain

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Getting the Right Diagnosis and Treatment

One reason why you may feel that your chronic back problems are not yet solved is that you have not received the right diagnosis. Therefore, you might not have been prescribed the perfect treatment to address the specific needs of your back. The back – especially the spine – is a very complicated and complex part of the body. There are many nerves, bones, tendons, and muscles all in the same place, working together to control all the limits of your body’s movements.

A proper diagnosis may point to spine surgery as a possible treatment. This is the best way to relieve chronic pain for good. You may be a good candidate for spine surgery if you are diagnosed with:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Herniated or degenerative disc
  • Bone spurs
  • Disc protrusion/extrusion
  • Pinched nerve
  • Failed back syndrome
  • Fractures

It is important to schedule an appointment with your spine specialist in order to receive a proper diagnosis. This is what will give you the best chances of successful treatment.

Preparing for Spine Surgery

If you have been diagnosed with a chronic spine condition and your doctor has recommended a cervical fusion surgery Los Angeles treatment, you should start to take steps to prepare. Spine surgery does have risks, but it is still a viable solution to solving your chronic back pain or any major problems with the spine. At Yashar Neurosurgery, we offer different spine surgery procedures that treat different areas of the back.

It is important that you speak with your spine surgeon about your expectations and concerns for the surgery, and you give yourself ample time to recover. It can take a few weeks to a few months to recover from back surgery, so plan to keep your body in a comfortable resting position for quite some time.

Eliminating Chronic Pain at Home

While you wait for your spine surgery date, you can invest in different practices at home to give pain relief and to get rid of chronic pain while you rest. Before and after your surgery, your doctor may recommend that you invest in physical therapy for chronic pain and practice some of these healthy habits:

Take Your Medicine

You should keep taking the medicine your doctor prescribed you. If you don’t understand its side effects or have more questions about it, make sure to ask. Skipping meds may contribute to higher levels of pain.

Practice Deep Breathing

When you feel a rush of pain from your back, your first instinct is to stop moving and even to tighten up your body. Instead of doing this, try staying relaxed. Invest in deep breathing. Imagine your breath is a ball of energy that goes into the painful area, helping the pain to dissipate.

Always Ask for Help

When you don’t know what to do, and the pain is too much to handle, don’t keep your struggles inside. Reach out to a loved one for help and schedule an appointment with a spine specialist.

You don’t have to continue living with chronic back pain; there are several solutions available that can provide relief.

Speak with Your Neurosurgeon Today!

Spine surgery is a big deal, and it can seem scary to those who aren’t prepared. But if you are dealing with a life of chronic back pain, it may be your best option for recovery so you can say goodbye to that pain once and for all. Get in touch with Dr. Yashar at Yashar Neurosurgery and schedule a consultation so we can address your specific needs. Don’t live with that chronic pain. Get relief now!