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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a long-feared condition that can be caused by long hours at the computer or overuse of the hands. The condition itself is defined by a small tunnel that forms in the bones of your wrist and hand, putting pressure on the nerves and causing pain.

While carpal tunnel can affect how your joints and tissues feel, the real impact is done on the nerves. That’s why it’s the business of your neurosurgeon in Los Angeles to diagnose this problem and find carpal tunnel treatment right away.

Those who do end up getting diagnosed with carpal tunnel end up with several questions, the biggest of which is, “Does carpal tunnel go away?”

This question and more will be answered in the article below. Be sure to stay in touch with our friendly staff members if you are curious about your symptoms and available treatment options.

Knowing the Cause

Knowing what causes carpal tunnel syndrome can help you to understand how you can treat, prevent, or avoid this condition. This will also lead to answering some questions about whether or not the symptoms can go away permanently.

Carpal tunnel is typically caused by:

  • Repeated hand movements consistently
  • Wrist injury or fracture
  • Hereditary condition

Most people who are constantly on the computer, or who play musical instruments for a living, are more likely to contract carpal tunnel. recommends a full examination from your doctor, as carpal tunnel can also be caused by existing conditions such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis.

Common Symptoms

Numbness or discomfort in the wrists, followed by pain, are the most common symptoms of carpal tunnel. When you visit our specialists for an examination, you may be asked to move your wrist in a certain way and describe what you’re feeling.

You may also be asked to grab objects. If you have trouble gripping or lifting objects due to pain, stiffness, or discomfort, then it is likely that you are dealing with carpal tunnel. In fact, you might want to keep a log of your symptoms and how much they’re progressing while seeking treatment solutions.

Treatments and Permanence

Thankfully, carpal tunnel doesn’t always last forever. The reason the symptoms exist is due to the inflammation of the tunnel pressing down on the nerves in your fingers and wrist. If the inflammation recedes, your condition may disappear.

In some cases, there is a chance that the symptoms will return. Patients can experience carpal tunnel more than once, pushing them to seek treatment solutions that may or may not have worked in the past. Instead, our doctor wants to offer some avoidance tips so you never have to worry about a relapse in symptoms.

We recommend:

  • Taking long breaks in between the use of your hands
  • Invest in a healthy diet and exercise routine
  • Switch between hands if you can
  • Ask your doctor for better treatment options
  • Invest in over-the-counter anti-inflammatory solutions

If you try many tips for avoidance, and you still feel the return of carpal tunnel symptoms, you may need orthopedic surgery, according to ZocDoc. Dr. Yashar offers neurosurgery solutions that can help to alleviate symptoms and create treatments that will get rid of carpal tunnel forever.

Neurosurgeon in Los Angeles

At Yashar Neurosurgery, we offer progressive and easy solutions to treat your symptoms. If you are struggling with carpal tunnel, you might need to come in for a consultation. Carpal tunnel can cause pain and damage to the nerves under the deepest layers of your skin, making it increasingly difficult to perform tasks with your hands. In order to prevent obstacles in your everyday life, get in touch with us ASAP. You can contact us online or give us a call at (424) 361-0923.