How Spinal Compression Fractures Happen
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Back pain is a common affliction that can occur in many people, from kids to senior citizens. In most cases, this pain is a result of strenuous days, athletic endeavors or poor sleeping positions. But sometimes, back pain can be the symptom of a larger and substantially more serious problem like spinal compression fractures. This diagnosis usually occurs in older patients and can be a painful and dangerous condition to have and live with. If you need treatment for compression fractures in Los Angeles, contact the talented Dr. Yashar today and schedule your first visit or consultation. Find out more about how spinal compression fractures can happen in your body and what the course of treatment looks like after you’ve been diagnosed by reading our informative post.

Developing Spinal Compression Fractures

Spinal compression fractures are a development of tiny cracks throughout your vertebrae that presents as constant back pain. If these fractures are left for too long or continue to grow, this can cause your vertebrae to collapse and would result in this kind of fracture. The leading cause of a spinal compression fracture is the weakening and softening of the bones of older bodies. When vertebrae begin to break down and soften, they can no longer support the weight of a standing or upright body. Actions such as physical labor, falling or sometimes coughing can lead to the development of a spinal compression fracture. When spinal compression fractures occur, changes in the spinal structure can be visible and patients can become shorter because of the breaking bones.

This diagnosis is more common in older bodies and specifically older women, as osteoporosis can occur after menopause. Other patients at high risk are those who have had cancer, specifically bone cancer and patients who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. People who smoke are also at risk for developing osteoporosis and eventually suffer from spinal compression fractures as a result. If you are concerned about developing spinal compression fractures in Los Angeles and need a local doctor, call Dr. Yashar’s office today and schedule a checkup!

The Treatment Course and Options

There are a few treatment options and methods used for patients with spinal compression fractures. If the fracture is a result of osteoporosis, the focus is placed on treating the bone disease, but medication for pain management can be used to help with compression fractures. A natural healing process can take up to three months to recover, but the pain associated with the fractures usually fades after a few days or weeks. To combat this pain, medication, bed rest and occasional back bracing can be used to get through everyday activities.

Bed rest may be a method to treating this severe back pain, but in most cases, lying for an extended period may worsen original symptoms. Dr. Yashar may tell you to rest for a short period of time, then to simply modify your daily habits so that you can continue to move without attempting dangerous or strenuous activities that could cause more damage to your weakened vertebrae. If your pain is more severe or affecting you for a longer period, a brace may be prescribed to you in order to encourage good posture and to help combat softening bones from realigning during the healing process. Braces should only be used under a doctor’s direct orders, as the use of a constant brace can impact your muscles and begin a process of muscle atrophy.

Spinal Compression Fracture Treatment in Los Angeles

Stay informed about spinal compression fractures in Los Angeles with a qualified doctor who can help you through the process and treat your pain. Call Dr. Yashar today for excellent, experienced care for your back problems and start healing today.