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Many people have experienced the feeling of a pinched nerve: numbness, weakness, tingling, burning, or hot/cold sensations. But, what is a pinched nerve? And what causes pinched nerves? A pinched nerve results from too much pressure or compression being applied to a nerve by its surrounding tissues. This tissue can be any number of things, ranging from bone and cartilage to muscles and tendons, and they are usually inflamed or have, for some other reason, invaded the nerve’s space. This causes the signals the nerve sends to be interrupted and amplified, resulting in the pain, numbness, weakness, tingling, and muscle spasms that are often associated with a pinched nerve.

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What Causes Pinched Nerves?

Now that you know what a pinched nerve is, it’s time to learn what causes them!

A pinched nerve can be caused by minor injuries resulting from activities like lifting something very heavy or twisting the wrong way. Pinched nerves brought on by minor injuries often heal within a few days, and the symptoms will likely be minor and will wane over the course of the ensuing days.

However, some pinched nerves are more serious. If the painful symptoms last longer than a few days, or even get worse over time, it may be an indication that the pain is signaling a spinal condition and not just a minor injury. Pinched nerves can also be a result of the following issues:

Pinched nerves can occur in many different areas of the body. It could range from your lower spine to your feet to your arms. Any time you are experiencing unusual symptoms in an area of your body, it is worth considering whether this could be a result of a pinched nerve.

Many people, as they age, experience pinched nerves because of age-related spinal conditions. The general wear and tear that occurs to the human body over time as we age can cause the spine to naturally deteriorate, leaving that area of your body prone to issues, including pinched nerves. Age-related pinched nerves are often a result of discs that cushion the spine rupturing, joints developing arthritis, bone spurs developing and vertebrae becoming misaligned.

Additionally, people who are obese, carrying extra weight and putting added pressure on their spine, can accelerate the deterioration of the spine and therefore are more likely to experience pinched nerves.

What Treatments Exist for Pinched Nerves?

Most people who pinch a nerve can recover in a few days or weeks with rest and conservative treatment.

For people with long-lasting pain, there are several helpful, pain-relieving treatments. Doctors recommend chiropractic care, massage therapy, targeted exercises, physical therapy, pain medication, and many others. These treatments can ease the pain of chronic pinched nerves for months at a time.

For more serious cases, surgery or more intensive treatment may be necessary. Consult your spine surgeon in Los Angeles to find out which of these paths is right for you and your personal pain management.

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