Poor Posture Habits and How to Correct Them
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Poor posture habits can cause a variety of health issues and can leave you in pain. If you suffer from chronic pain, correcting some of these bad habits can be an easy fix, provided you follow through. Read on to learn the top five worst posture habits and how you can correct them.

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Slouching in Your Chair

Slouching is a very common posture mistake made by many. But there are reasons people do it. It could be that your chair is too high or too low. If too high, your legs may dangle which can limit circulation and cause fatigue. If too low, your lower back settles into a forward flexed position which can lead to serious issues like disc degeneration.

To fix this common problem, adjust your chair so that your hips and knees are at a 90 degree angle. This will keep your spine in a neutral position. And make sure to get up and stretch throughout the day.

Keeping Your Legs in One Position

It’s easy to get caught up in your work and stay in the same fixed position for hours. No matter how great your desk is ergonomically situated, if you stay there all day, you are bound to have some posture problems.

One way to make sure you address this issue is to have a footrest under your desk. This will help you to move your feet from being flat footed to using the rest. Again, make sure you are getting up and moving throughout the day as well.

Rounding or Hunching Your Shoulders

Hunching your shoulders causes all sorts of posture issues and can create strain and what are called “trigger points” in your shoulders and lower neck area. Not having an armrest to support your elbows can also contribute to the problem and lead to fatigue.

To fix this bad habit, use adjustable armrests at a height that will prevent the hunch or shoulder rounding and provides rest for your forearms. And make sure you begin with your elbows at a 90 degree angle. And keep stretching and moving throughout the day.

Looking Up or Down at Your Computer Monitor

When your computer monitor is too high, your neck is forced to extend. This can compress your joints and can ultimately lead to inflammation, pain and headaches. If you look down at your computer monitor, you can develop that slouch we discussed earlier which leads to both upper and lower back issues.

To fix this poor habit, make sure your monitor is at eye level so you eyes match the top of the screen. And make sure the monitor is directly in front of you and not off to one side.

Reaching too Far

If your mouse is too far out of your way and you are forced to reach for it throughout the day, this can also cause trigger points and muscle tension to develop in your neck and shoulders. Make sure your mouse is just a short distance from your keyboard.

If your keyboard is too small or at the incorrect height, this can also cause repetitive injuries so make sure your keyboard is close, at the right height and that your wrists are in a neutral position.

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