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When is Back Pain Serious?

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Everyone gets back pain from time to time. You might cramp your muscle if you lift something too heavy. You might feel sore after standing all day. Or, you might have a serious spine injury that needs to be addressed ASAP. Back pain comes in many shapes and forms, so it’s more important to ever … Read more

Why Do Backs Spasm?

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Because of the way humans have grown and evolved, back pain is one of the most common – and the most inevitable – conditions that will happen to all people at one point or another. In fact, approximately 80% of the human population deals with back pain. Back pain frequently reveals itself by spasming, which … Read more

Best Stretches for Your Back

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  When your back is causing you pain, sometimes it can be hard to go on with your normal, daily routine. Sometimes, you may just want to stay in bed because the pain can be debilitating. However, there is great news: research has shown that stretching is one of the best ways to relieve back … Read more