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Causes of Failed Back Surgery

Jogger experiencing back pain from failed back surgery.

The only way to eliminate severe chronic back pain is through a surgical procedure. While physical therapy and other recovery methods can help strengthen your back and relieve pain, surgery can provide a more permanent fix. However, the risk of failed back surgery syndrome still exists. So let’s look at the causes of failed back … Read more

Does it Take Long to Recover from Back Surgery?

doctor holding up artificial spin

Many patients wonder: does it take long to recover from back surgery? The recovery time required after back surgery depends on the extent of the surgery and your surgeon’s recommendations. Ultimately, the only person that can give you anything close to a precise estimate is your neurosurgeon. That being said, we can establish a range. … Read more

Living with Chronic Back Pain: You Don’t Have To!

woman sitting on couch holding back in pain

There is nothing worse than living with chronic pain that never seems to go away, no matter what treatments are being used. While back pain is unfortunately common, that does not mean you have to live with this constant source of pain. It is possible for your back to improve and for the pain to … Read more