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Symptoms of Bone Spurs

doctor showing patient artificial spine

If you have noticed an unusual bump somewhere along your body and are concerned about what it might be, one possibility is a bone spur. Bone spurs are very small and pointed pieces of bone that are excess growths from one or more of the bones in your body. Before you self-diagnose any bumps, read … Read more

How Your Spine Changes as You Age

As we grow, our bones, and most substantially, our spines grow and elongate along with us. But as we continue to age, it is also common that we lose that bone density and often shrink because of old age. There are several reasons why your spine changes throughout your life and there are ways to … Read more

Pinched Nerve Causes

Human anatomy

Many people have experienced the feeling of a pinched nerve: numbness, weakness, tingling, burning, or hot/cold sensations. But, what is a pinched nerve? And what causes pinched nerves? A pinched nerve results from too much pressure or compression being applied to a nerve by its surrounding tissues. This tissue can be any number of things, … Read more

Are You a Candidate for Spinal Decompression Therapy?

doctor showing patient artificial spine

If you suffer from back pain or any related symptoms, you know how disruptive it can be to your life. If the pain persists for an abnormal length of time, you find yourself looking for permanent relief. Many people investigate spinal decompression, both surgical and nonsurgical. Read on to learn more about minimally invasive spinal … Read more