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Understanding Spinal Disc Problems

concept image of person with spinal disc problems

There are many types of back problems. A damaged spinal disc could be the reason you’re experiencing pain in your spine. You will receive the best treatment from your trusted neurosurgeon, who will help you in understanding spinal disc problems and their seriousness. Understanding Spinal Disc Problems Here’s a guide to help you understand the … Read more

Can Injured Discs Repair Themselves?

Doctor explaining how injured discs do not repair themselves

The spine is vastly important. It physically supports our mobility, while serving as a shield for the primary communication line between our brain and our body. Unfortunately, it ages in much the same way as the rest of our body. But can injured discs repair themselves? Can Injured Discs Repair Themselves? Thanks to the aging … Read more

Prevent Spinal Discs from Worsening Before Surgery

3d concept image for spinal discs that are worsening.

Degenerative disc disease is a medical condition in which the discs that separate your vertebrae become too thin to provide the proper cushion for the different bones of your spine. Patients whose spinal discs have only begun to degenerate are unlikely to experience symptoms, but the condition does generally worsen over time resulting in increased … Read more

Signs of Spinal Disc Problems

back pain example

Back problems come in many shapes, forms, and irritations. If you are experiencing pain along your spine, it’s possible that you may be dealing with a damaged spinal disc. To receive the right treatment from the best spine surgeon Los Angeles has to offer, it is important that you learn about the major causes and … Read more

How to Keep Spinal Discs Healthy

Digital composite of Highlighted back bones of jogging woman on beach

The mobility and functionality of your spine are largely determined by your spinal discs. Without them, you would have a hard time sitting up straight or bending over at any angle. Your spinal discs act as a cushion between your vertebrae, adding necessary padding to keep pain far away. Knowing how to keep your spinal … Read more