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Back injuries are some of the most common ailments among the entire human population, and they can inflict devastating pain on patients and their families. Anyone at risk of chronic back pain should get in touch with their local spine surgeon in Beverly Hills to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. An important part of diagnosis is helping patients understand the different types of spinal cord injuries that they may be dealing with. Take a look at some of the most common types below.

Anatomy of the Spine

What proves the best way to invest in an effective treatment for mild to severe back pain? Understand how the spine works and where your pain may have come from in the first place. The spine is split up into four important regions:

  • Cervical Spinal Cord – This is the uppermost part of the spine, where the brain connects to it through issues and it is held up by 8 major vertebrae.
  • Thoracic Spinal Cord – Beneath the top of the spine is the thoracic region of the cord, right in the middle. This area is susceptible to a lot of damage, but most patients struggle with pain in their upper or lower back.
  • Lumbar Spinal Cord – This is the part of the back that starts to bend at the spine. It is commonly known as the “lower back,” and it is where most patients deal with pain or discomfort daily.
  • Sacral Spine – The lowest part of the spine is a small area known as the sacral spine, which is a small triangle with five vertebrae. This is where the roots connect the cord to the rest of the body.

Different types of spinal cord injuries can occur in these different parts of the back for a myriad of reasons.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

While some types of injuries are more subtle than others, it is always evident when spinal cord injury affects the body due to damaged nerves. When problems persist and go unchecked, patients can experience additional symptoms like labored breathing, increased heart rate, and trouble going to the bathroom. It’s important to diagnose the type of injury it is in order to get fast and effective treatment:

Complete Spinal Cord Injuries

The most prominent and serious type of injury is a complete spinal cord injury. This can lead to dangerous side effects such as paralysis or even death if left untreated. Complete spinal cord injuries that occur in the lumbar could affect the entire lower half of the body. Likewise with the cervical spinal cord. Serious injuries could lead to the loss of motor functions; it’s important to seek out specialized care from a certified spine surgeon right away.

Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries

Most milder cases of spinal injury (that can still be serious) are known as “incomplete” injuries. This could mean a variety of things depending on the person suffering from the condition. Nerve compression, spinal cord damage, and sensory-motor function injury can be mild or extreme. And they can give patients a wide range of side effects. Improving treatments make it possible for people to only have to deal with incomplete spinal cord injuries rather than complete ones. And there remain different treatment options available for each unique case.

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