What Happens When You Crack Your Back?
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Cracking your back may be an irresistible habit if you enjoy the satisfaction of relieving pain or pressure in your spine. All it takes is a simple twist to pop that area back into place. Sometimes, it can be painful if you align your body in the wrong way. Regardless of the mildness or severity of the crack, it is very important to schedule a consultation with a specialist right away. The health of your neck and spine can affect the integrity of your entire body, and you don’t want to continue ignoring that risk.

At the office of Dr. Yashar, we want to carefully assess the state of your back after you experience a crack or a similar trauma-based incident. Your back is vital to your oxygen and blood circulation, nerve processing, and almost all brain functions; do not take it for granted. If you’ve had a scary back-cracking experience, you may need herniated disc surgery in Los Angeles. Here’s what to expect.

Cracking Your Back Voluntarily

Some people like to crack their backs voluntarily, much like one would crack their knuckles or toes. It feels relieving to do so, as it releases gas bubbles that have formed due to the amount of lubricating liquid formed in the spine. However, back cracking may have different effects based on the individual. It might be risky to continue engaging in this habitual behavior, although it can bring some relief. Let’s assess both the benefits and dangers of cracking your back.

Pain Relief Techniques

Cracking your back may provide a little bit of relief, however, it is very temporary. Relieving the gas capsules in the spine might feel good, but they do little to resolve any issues of pain or discomfort you may be feeling in the long run. If you find yourself getting into the habit of cracking your back, you might need to consider if there is something bigger that is affecting your back.

Your back should not be feeling tight every day. If you have an urge to crack it all the time, it may not be a good sign. In fact, you might be due for herniated disc surgery in Los Angeles.

Dangers of Cracking Your Back

Fortunately, there is not ample scientific evidence to suggest that engaging in back-cracking activities is actually dangerous for your back. Most of the time, if you are careful and gentle with yourself, you can crack your back with ease and suffer no negative side effects.

However, it still must be emphasized that this practice doesn’t actually affect the health of your back. If you are experiencing a more painful issue, it’s important to seek the advice of your medical professional as soon as possible. Some patients have hurt themselves due to over-cracking or stretching too hard, which can affect the nerves throughout the body.

If you aren’t properly cracking your back, you may experience more pain in that area than before. In cases like these, it’s imperative that you schedule a visit with your back specialist, even if cracking your back provides temporary relief.

Look at the Bigger Picture ASAP

Back cracking is like a bandage. It might provide temporary relief and healing, but it cannot actually heal the source of the problem. You may be at risk for back conditions and spinal injuries that can be solved with herniated disc surgery in Los Angeles. At the office of Dr. Yashar, we have the tools and resources available to thoroughly assess the problems in your back and provide a solution right away. For more information about your diagnosis and treatment options, please contact us online or give us a call at (424) 361-0923 right away.