What is Flat Back Syndrome?
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Are you concerned about the possibility of developing flat back syndrome? There are several reasons why patients may present with flat backs, and there are ways to treat the affected area of your spine if this has been causing you severe pain. Discover the symptoms of flat back syndrome, what the diagnoses means for your future, and how you can treat your spine by reading through our guide to navigation a flat spine. If you are looking for a neurosurgeon in Los Angeles to perform your corrective surgery, call Dr. Yashar’s office today to schedule your first consultation and start your journey to a better back now!

What is Flat Back Syndrome?

When you begin to feel strange pains in your back, you will want to start diagnosing them by figuring out what pains are out of the ordinary for your body, and which are caused by a reasonable factor. For example, if you attend a new workout class for the first time and have back pain the next day, it may be because some of the muscles in your back are recovering from the exercises. If, however, you can’t draw clear conclusions to why your back pain has started to increase, you could be experiencing flat back syndrome.

This condition is caused when your lumbar lordosis is lost, and your spine begins to lose its natural curvature. As a result, more pressure is placed on your spinal cord, and it will begin to mold inward instead of maintaining its natural shape. When your lumbar lordosis is lost, the balance that you maintain throughout your body becomes shifted forward slightly, causing the shape of your spine to alter in order to accommodate your new center of gravity.

Symptoms of Flat Back Syndrome

Pain is a large factor of diagnosing patients with flat back syndrome. Because this syndrome tends to create a folding effect in the spine for patients who are affected, the pain assimilated with flat back syndrome is significant. If you have started to feel increased pain in your spine, and can’t connect it to any clear reason, check the source of the pain with the other symptoms included in a flat back syndrome diagnosis.

If you have increased difficulty standing straight up, are experiencing intense pain in the areas surrounding your spine or have begun to experience significant difficulty performing your casual, daily activities, you may be experiencing the symptoms of flat back syndrome. The main symptom to be aware of is when standing becomes extremely painful for you. If you cannot comfortably stand up, or maintain a standing position throughout the day, call a neurosurgeon in Los Angeles right away to get an appointment scheduled as soon as possible.

Treating Flat Back Syndrome

Once you have been diagnosed with flat back syndrome, Dr. Yashar will most likely begin with treatments that are nonsurgical to see if your pain subsides without needed an invasive operation. Nonsurgical treatments would include a prescription for physical therapy, an exercise routine to strengthen all the impacted muscles, and certain pain relief medications. If these noninvasive treatments prove unsuccessful, then your doctor will discuss the option for a surgical treatment, where your doctor will try to correct the misalignment of your spine and redirect the curvature to its natural position. This surgery typically involves a corrective measure which will fuse your spine in certain spots, making it able to support itself again, and re-align to the right curvature that is the natural position. Don’t let intense spinal pain hold you back, get the treatment you need with help from the best care possible. Find a highly recommended, professional neurosurgeon in Los Angeles when you schedule your first consultation with Dr. Yashar today!