Top Questions to Ask Your Spine Surgeon
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If you have been diagnosed with a severe back injury that will require spine surgery to repair the damage, you may be experiencing some stress about the operation. Feel confident about your surgery with our list of the best questions you can ask your spine surgeon when you go in for a pre-op checkup. Don’t let the fear of surgery keep you from being as healthy as possible, let one of the top spine surgeons in Los Angeles help you when you call Yashar Neurosurgery today and set up your first consultation appointment.

Ask Specifics About the Surgery

It’s incredibly important to know the kind of surgery your doctor will be performing on you, and why it is the best choice in your situation. There are many different factors that lead to recommended surgeries, so be sure to ask for the specifics about why a particular operation will give you the best final results. It’s even more important to get these clarifications if the initial doctor who diagnosed you didn’t explain the procedure well, or if you didn’t have the time to ask for more information. If your doctor did explain it well, it’s always a good idea to hear it from the surgeon who will be performing the operation. They will also usually be able to show you will anatomy examples with a diagram so that you can have a clear picture of the procedure specifics.

What Are the Risks?

Asking about the risk factor for any surgery is important, but spine surgery is vitally important, as some procedures have a risk of causing paralysis. Because of the increased risk, be sure to get in depth details from your surgeon about how likely the significant risks are, and what the treatment success rate is. This may be one of the scarier questions you will ask, but it is also the most important, as surgery is your choice, and knowing all the facts will only help you in the long run. Always listen to the counsel of your doctor and be sure to have the information to make an informative decision. If you need a spine surgeon in Los Angeles to help answer your questions about surgery, contact Dr. Yashar’s office today to set up an appointment.

How Severe is the Recovery Process?

This exact phrasing will allow your doctor to go over every aspect of the recovery process with you. Starting with your time in the hospital following the procedure to your time at home and the details of how you should take care of yourself while at home. Make sure you know how long you’ll be in the hospital, when you can return home, what your resting time at home will be like, and what activities or movements will be off limits during your healing time.

Ask About the Aftermath of Surgery

You should be aware of how long they you must rest before adopting even simple tasks again. Ask about your time after the resting period has ended. Do you have to attend physical therapy, and for how long? Will you be able to return to work right away or will you need to wait until after a certain amount of physical therapy appointments? Be sure to ask as many details as possible about recovery so that you can heal the correct way when you are no longer under medical supervision.

Never be scared to speak up or ask more questions during your pre-op appointment with the surgeon. The more you understand the procedure, the easier it will be on the date of your surgery, and during your recovery time. Understanding why you have pain during recovery will help you avoid accidental movements that might increase your healing time. Discover the best spine surgeon in Los Angeles when you schedule your initial consultation appointment with Dr. Yashar today.