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Early Warning Signs of Spine Tumors

concept of early warning signs of spine tumors

Like many other types of tumors, spinal tumors start out small and grow larger over time. They often begin at the base of the spine’s canal, or within the bones of the spine, which can affect the entire vertebrae. While there are several different types of spinal tumors that can develop into cancer, it is … Read more

How to Sleep With a Pinched Nerve

concept of how to sleep with a pinched nerve

Pinched nerves can impact a number of areas on your body. They come with symptoms that can impact your sleep and daily routine. Avoid letting your pinched nerve impact your life and seek medical help right away. IN the meantime, consider your sleep position as it can help relieve some of your symptoms. Below you … Read more

Your Spine after 50 and the Risk of Spinal Stenosis

doctor showing patient artificial spine

Spinal stenosis is a scary name for what can become a frightening condition. In layman’s terms, it is when your spine narrows to the point of putting pressure on your spinal cord. According to the American College of Rheumatology, spinal stenosis is typically a result of osteoarthritis, which is why the vast majority of cases … Read more

What Are the Symptoms Of a Schwannoma?

Over the Shoulder Shot of Senior Medical Scientist Working with CT Brain Scan Images on a Personal Computer in Laboratory. Neurologists in Research Center Work on Brain Tumor Cure.

There are many medical terms and conditions that are popular enough to be known by most people. Then there are conditions, such as schwannoma, that are a bit more obscure. As a premier brain and spine surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr. Yashar wants everyone to be aware of this condition and its symptoms. If you … Read more

Can You Heal A Herniated Disc?

One of the biggest questions that people ask in regards to injuries is whether or not they will heal on their own. The reasons are sometimes convenience and other times financial, but everyone would agree that it would be preferable if that ailment in your body worked itself out without major bills or weeks of … Read more

How Our Brains Learn

doctor showing patient artificial spine

When you think about it, how our brains learn really is amazing. Responsible for every function in our body, our brains do everything from memorizing complicated math equations to controlling functions in your body to learning how to cook the perfect bowel of ramen. When it comes to how our brains learn, all brains function … Read more

Long Term Effects of a Concussion

doctor showing patient artificial spine

Though described by medical professionals as a mild form of traumatic brain injury (TBI), even the mildest of concussions can sometimes have serious effects ranging from short-term (lasting only a few hours or a couple of days) to severely long term (lasting for decades even after the original head trauma occurred).Concussions typically occur as the … Read more