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How Long Should Your Back Hurt After a Discectomy?

Patients often choose to undergo a discectomy to correct areas of their spine that consistently cause pain. However, the relief from the pain is not always immediate as one would like since there can be some pain experienced following the discectomy and throughout the healing process. For that reason, it is extremely important to be … Read more

What is Microlumbar Discectomy Surgery?

Investing in the most advanced and positively successful procedures is something we are passionate about at Yashar Neurosurgery. There are many reasons why surgery on the brain or spine may be required. Patients experiencing a lifetime of chronic back pain are often prone to such ailments as a herniated disc or leg pain because of … Read more

Can You Heal A Herniated Disc?

One of the biggest questions that people ask in regards to injuries is whether or not they will heal on their own. The reasons are sometimes convenience and other times financial, but everyone would agree that it would be preferable if that ailment in your body worked itself out without major bills or weeks of … Read more

Top Questions to Ask Your Spine Surgeon

If you have been diagnosed with a severe back injury that will require spine surgery to repair the damage, you may be experiencing some stress about the operation. Feel confident about your surgery with our list of the best questions you can ask your spine surgeon when you go in for a pre-op checkup. Don’t … Read more