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Guide to Spinal Cord Compression

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Your brain and muscles are all connected through one powerful part of your body: the spinal cord. When there is undue pressure put on different parts of the spine, it can be more difficult for it to function in a normal and healthy way. This leads to symptoms of pain, immobility, and general discomfort. Below … Read more

Do I Have Flatback Posture?

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Your posture is important for your health as it can help ensure your body is properly aligned and balanced. However, poor posture can put stress on your muscles, joints, and ligaments. If left untreated, it can also impact your gait and physical health. You may wonder, do I have flatback posture? Below you will find … Read more

Helping Your Teen with Back Pain

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While back pain is a common and often unavoidable problem among aging adults, it is becoming a larger issue in teens as well. Those who are either incredibly active with team sports or incredibly sedentary are more likely to experience back pain at a younger age. Newer studies are starting to show that a growing … Read more