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Sleeping Tips for After Spine Surgery

Man sleeping on back after spine surgery

Spinal surgery is a serious process. It can drastically improve your quality of life, but you will need to follow your surgeon’s instructions to the letter for the best chance of a successful outcome. You should receive their instructions in verbal or written form prior to surgery, but it can be a bit overwhelming. To … Read more

10 Questions to Ask Your Spine Surgeon

Person sitting and asking questions with a spine surgeon

Spine surgery is a huge undertaking, and you are no doubt worrying about the details of the procedure. There are many different types of spine surgery that are available to you depending on your specific needs. In order to ensure a successful recovery, you need to have confidence and trust in your surgery and in … Read more

Lowest Risk Spine Surgery

male anatomy illustration

If you are faced with chronic back pain or sudden spinal issues due to a traumatic injury, you need an intensive treatment plan to help decrease your discomfort and get you back on your feet. At Yashar Neurosurgery, many of our patients are worried about the idea of having spine surgery in Los Angeles. Fortunately, … Read more

Does it Take Long to Recover from Back Surgery?

doctor holding up artificial spin

Many patients wonder: does it take long to recover from back surgery? The recovery time required after back surgery depends on the extent of the surgery and your surgeon’s recommendations. Ultimately, the only person that can give you anything close to a precise estimate is your neurosurgeon. That being said, we can establish a range. … Read more

Living with Chronic Back Pain: You Don’t Have To!

woman sitting on couch holding back in pain

There is nothing worse than living with chronic pain that never seems to go away, no matter what treatments are being used. While back pain is unfortunately common, that does not mean you have to live with this constant source of pain. It is possible for your back to improve and for the pain to … Read more

Back Surgery after a Car Accident: Do I Actually Need it?

woman sitting in car in pain holding neck

Being involved in a serious car accident is life changing. Given the fact that almost forty thousand people die in car accidents every year in the United States, you may just feel lucky to be alive. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t still be faced with the consequences for years to come. If you’re … Read more

Can Scoliosis be Prevented?

X-ray image of teenager patient spine show Scoliosis and spinal bend in young people. Process in blue tone spine mark in red color and have copy space, Medical concept.?

On the surface, scoliosis may seem like an annoying problem, but it can be more than just an inconvenience. With potential complications like heart damage, chronic back pain, and difficulty breathing, a scoliosis diagnosis can change the health trajectory of the patient’s life. If you were diagnosed when you were a child or know someone … Read more

Strengthen Your Lower Back and Avoid a Herniated Disc

Taking care of your back is one of the most important things you can do for your body. Your health and comfortability depend on the flexibility of your spine. If you are starting to experience back problems, then you may be on a dangerous path to further complications. At the office of Dr. Yashar, your … Read more

Top Questions to Ask Your Spine Surgeon

If you have been diagnosed with a severe back injury that will require spine surgery to repair the damage, you may be experiencing some stress about the operation. Feel confident about your surgery with our list of the best questions you can ask your spine surgeon when you go in for a pre-op checkup. Don’t … Read more