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What is Microlumbar Discectomy Surgery?

Investing in the most advanced and positively successful procedures is something we are passionate about at Yashar Neurosurgery. There are many reasons why surgery on the brain or spine may be required. Patients experiencing a lifetime of chronic back pain are often prone to such ailments as a herniated disc or leg pain because of … Read more

What is Flat Back Syndrome?

Are you concerned about the possibility of developing flat back syndrome? There are several reasons why patients may present with flat backs, and there are ways to treat the affected area of your spine if this has been causing you severe pain. Discover the symptoms of flat back syndrome, what the diagnoses means for your … Read more

Pain and the Brain

Inside the brain. Concept of neurons and nervous system.

Everyone experiences pain at some point, some more frequently and more intensely than others do. There is a reason why everyone experiences pain differently and it has to do with how the brain handles and processes nerve signals. Let’s take a look at just how pain works. Pain assists as the body’s own warning system. … Read more